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32 Tips to Save Money

Bottom line – the best solution for most people will not be to earn more, but to spend less.

Adam Rust
Saving Nest Egg
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FTC Settles with NetSpend Over Blocked Accounts

A class action lawsuit against NetSpend has been settled. Approximately 430,000 account holders will share $10 million in refunds as a result of a settlement with the FTC.

Adam Rust
NetSpend FTC settlement
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Paycheck fraud: Stop Payment Fees and Holder in Due Course

If your worker lies about losing a paycheck, it may be a part of a costly scam. If he or she goes ahead and cashes the check, employers might owe a stop payment fee, an insufficient funds fee, and the full face value of the check.

Adam Rust
Worker check fraud
Sole Payroll Card
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How To Use a Debit Card
Buying Gas with a Prepaid Debit Card

If you attempt to use a prepaid debit card to buy gas at a pump, your card may be declined and your balance may fall to zero. Here's how to avoid that problem.

Adam Rust
Buying gas at the pump
Retiree Debt
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How to Use Prepaid Debit Cards for Envelope Budgeting

I like the envelope system. It works. But it is cash-only. The prepaid debit cards with sub-accounts maintain its best features but give a person the convenience of digital transactions.

Adam Rust
Person using the envelope budgeting system
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Hispanics Still Prefer to Bank in English

Hispanic consumers appreciate it when marketers use some Spanish for their advertising, but when it comes to banking most prefer to conduct business in English.

Adam Rust
Hispanic youth at computer banking
Better Design Equals Better Banking

If we want to improve the financial health of lower-income households, we have to understand the value of product design.

Adam Rust
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Credit card fraud
Bank accounts for the visually impaired

Many visually-impaired people live without a bank account. Several technologies have come to market recently which will enhance the ability of these individuals to manage an account.

Adam Rust
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Why Students Should Use a Mobile Bank Account

Young people prefer to do everything with their phones. That includes using a bank account. They tend to move around a lot as well, so a local network of bank branches holds less appeal. They might live in several places during one year. They will be better off with an account that goes to those places with them. A mobile bank account is the right choice.

Adam Rust
College student banking with her smartphone
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How To Use a Debit Card
Pay with a Signature at the Point-of-Sale

Your prepaid debit card says it charges a fee if you pay with a PIN at the point-of-sale. You can elect to avoid that by asking to sign for your swipe.

Adam Rust
Paying at the Point-of-Sale with Signature
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The Poor Pay More to Bank

High balance minimums and the fear of overdraft charges convince low-income workers to avoid bank accounts.

Adam Rust
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Tax Fraud
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Why Are Millions of Filers Paying for a Refund Transfer?

Why would so many people pay for a refund transfer instead of taking out a refund loan, when the latter is free and faster. The answer: millions are being turned down for the "free" tax refund loans.

Adam Rust
Tax Refund Advance problem.
tax preparer refund loan
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Cash In, Cash Out

Did you ever think about how it can cost money to make a deposit even though it can be free to withdraw it?

Adam Rust
ATM costs
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Personal Finance
Every Day is Payday

Wage advance products may undermine the demand for payday loans.

Adam Rust
uber driver advance
Checking account interchange
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