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Payout commissions, rewards, per diems, incentives, and expenses

Use everywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted

Fund, track, and manage your team's spending with the power of

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Send mass gift cards, promos, and rewards by email.

Email recipient can choose between virtual or physical card. If recipient has a reloadable card account, the card is instantly loaded. Use a simple API, upload a CSV or use a web portal to send gift cards by email.

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Design your own prepaid card experience.

Akimbo API will allow you to integrate with Akimbo using our RESTful APIs, and build apps on top of the Akimbo Card program, or even develop your very own prepaid card program. You can even customize reloadable cards with your brand and earn referral fees for signing up new cardholders.

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Digitally control your team's spending

Streamline petty cash or reimbursements

Fund card accounts in real-time

View or download transaction history on any card

Issue cards on demand

Get text alerts on any transaction

Order 100 to 10,000 cards

What the recipients of the cards can do:

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Use everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted
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Cards are personalized with their name