How to get direct deposits with the

Prepaid Card

The full DDA number for your Akimbo card account is the combination of:

  • The 9-digit routing number for Sunrise Banks, which is 091017138, and
  • The 16 digit account number of your specific card account

Both the Routing and the Account numbers can be found:

  • In your online account on the Akimbo website in the Direct Deposit section
  • In the Akimbo mobile app inside the Direct Deposit section
  • Printed at the bottom of the piece of paper to which the card was affixed to when it came in the mail.

Note: while your Direct Deposit number is immediately available after having completed sign-up, you can only receive a direct deposit after you have activated your card.

Print or reprint the Direct Deposit Form

If your employer or benefits provider has not given you a Direct Deposit Form, you can fill out the form below, print it, sign it, and give it to your employer or benefits provider.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Direct Deposit Form

Cardholder Information

Bank Information

Bank Name:

Sunrise Banks

Bank Address:

200 University Ave. W., # 200, St. Paul, MN  55103

Routing (ABA) #:

Enter the
digits for your Account Number

You can find your Account Number:

  • On the paper page to which your card was attached when it came in the mail
  • Or, in the Direct Deposit section of your Akimbo mobile phone application

Note: you can only receive a direct deposit after you have activated your card.

Authorization Agreement:

I hereby authorize my employer or payor or benefits provider to initiate credit entries for the direct deposit of:
Ability to specify amount or percentage of pay or benefits to be direct deposited may not be available for some employers or benefits providers.
directly into my Akimbo prepaid card. This authority will remain in effect until I have given written notice that I am terminating this contract, or until I am notified that this deposit service has been discontinued. I understand that I must give advanced notice to allow reasonable time for my instruction to be executed. If an incorrect deposit should be made into my account, I authorize the card issuing bank and my employer or benefits providers to make the appropriate adjustment(s).

This Print button does not submit the form to Wisewage, your employer, benefit provider or any third party. It only allows you to print the form on your local printer. Make sure you do not leave a fully printed form with your name and account number unattended: provide it as soon as possible to the payroll person or human resources department at your employer, or to your benefits provider.
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