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Fintwist Payroll Card

Stack of Fintwist Payroll Cards

Superior Workforce Payment Solutions

Suitable for businesses currently paying 25 or more workers with paper checks.


• No fee to the cardholder for swiping the card as credit at point-of-sale transactions

• No cost Bank Teller withdrawals

• Cardholder can withdrawal cash for free at in-network ATMs.

• Paycards are FDIC insured with fraud protection

Welcome to frictionless workforce payment. It's this simple.
Fintwist is an efficient and secure digital payment solution that’s easy to implement and to use. Fintwist works with your existing payroll systems – it requires little to no effort and mirrors the direct deposit process you’re already using.
After launch, the solution is flexible, so you can quickly adapt and respond to employee requests. Comdata knows the payroll card business better than anyone, so your digital innovation is driven by the experience of the industry leader.

Your 4 steps to use direct deposit payroll cards for your business

  1. Sign a service contract with the payroll card provider.
  2. Receive a batch of cards at your business address.
  3. Distribute cards to employees.
  4. Enter their account numbers into your payroll system.

Benefits to Employees

No more check cashing fees or inconveniences associated with paper checks.

No more waiting in line to cash your paycheck.

  • FREE In-Network ATM withdrawals at 55,000+ Allpoint ATMs.
  • FREE signature transactions anywhere on the MasterCard Network, including online purchases or paying bills.
  • FREE PIN-debit transactions, including cash back.
  • Manage your account with the FinTwist App
  • FREE Access to 100% of funds via MasterCard Banks teller withdrawals
  • FREE 24/7/365 multi-lingual LIVE customer service
  • Track your spending, review your transactions, and start budgeting for the things that matter the most.
  • FREE Health & Wellness discounts, Fuel Discounts, ID Theft Assistance, Financial Education
  • FREE 24/7/365 access to balance and transaction history via phone/ web/mobile app
  • FREE text alerts - load / transaction notifications with balance

Benefits to the company

Savings and efficiencies gained by reducing paper paychecks!

Eliminate check printing costs and time you spend managing payday, at no cost to your company, so you can focus on your business.

  • Instant card issuance for new hires, replacement cards, or termination pay.
  • FREE: no startup costs and no ongoing costs.
  • No cost to company paycard program, free instant issue issue card stock and free personalized cards
  • Dedicated account support and ongoing training
  • Comdata's system can integrate with all payroll software for automation & seamless pay operations
  • Pay employees to paycard via existing direct deposit process or real-time via web.
  • Comdata handles the unclaimed property / escheatment process
  • ALL employees can qualify for a paycard allowing the company to maximize electronic payments
  • Courtesy line of credit provided for real-time off-cycle correction / adjustment paycard loads
Learn more about Fintwist for your company
Image of the Fintwist Paycard App

Check out the Fintwist Mobile App for employees

Learn about our other card account types

Incentives / Gift Cards
B2B / 1099
Corporate Spending
One-time bonuses
Customer loyalty
Distribute payments to 1099s or business partners
Distribute company-owned funds for travel, projects;
controlled spending
Wide appeal and flexibility; can be used to make purchases wherever Mastercard is accepted
Pay contractors quickly and safely
Keep records
Simulates paycard functionality
Allows partial funds-retraction
Cap spending, control usage, see spending
Move funds in an and out of accounts

Which direct deposit card solution is best an employer?

Type of card

Upfront  set-up time

Time to first deposit

Upfront cost

Employees to serve

Payroll Cards

Distributed by Employer

  
 >25

Individual Accounts

Chosen  by  Employees

 

If you only need a handful of direct deposit paycards, consider our individual card options:

Best for fewer than 25 under-banked employees

  1. Advise your employees to choose their own card here.
  2. Each employee receives her/his card at home.
  3. Ask employees for their card account number and enter them into your payroll system.

Helping your employees self-enroll into their own debit card:

Alternatively: For individual cards:
Print and distribute these materials to your employees:

Fintwist Paycard Program: The Employer Experience

Materials to Use for Signing Up Workers for Direct Deposit
Fee Schedule and Program Features

Comparison of WiseWage Bank Account Choices

Materials to Use for Signing Up Workers for Direct Deposit
8.5" by 11"
Comparison of Varo Money and Axos Debit Card Accounts

Direct Deposit Form

Materials to Use for Signing Up Workers for Direct Deposit
8.5" x 11"
single-page DDA form

WiseWage postcard

Materials to Use for Signing Up Workers for Direct Deposit
5.6" x 4.3"
2-sided postcard
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Tell Your Employees About WiseWage

Announce icon

Step 1
Reach out to your staff

Print out and distribute the forms at the bottom of this page, then make an announcement at a staff meeting.
Distribute Materials Icon

Step 2
Distribute Materials

Follow Up Icon

Step 3
Follow up with them

To set up direct deposit, the employer needs the routing number for the bank that issues the debit card and the employee’s account number. You can download our direct deposit form here.
Go To Website Icon

Step 4
Go to WiseWage.org

Employees will get this information when they sign up for their new card or when they receive the card in the mail.
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After Your Employee Has Their New Prepaid Card

Routing and Account Number Icon

Step 1
Routing & Account #

Find out the routing number of the bank and the employee's account number.
Authorize Payment Icon

Step 2
Authorize Payment

Get signed permission from your employee to authorize payment by direct deposit. You can use the form that is included at the bottom of this page. File this for recordkeeping.
Payroll System Icon

Step 3
Add to Payroll System

Enter routing number and account number in to your payroll system
Bank Icon

Step 4
Notify Your Bank

Tell your bank or your payroll service. You may have to sign an agreement with them.
Batch Pay Icon

Step 5
Batch Pay

Batch pay all of your employees in just a few minutes
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