Are You a Trade Association?

Are you a Municipal or Local Government?

Are you a Non-Profit?

Is your Business Serving the Under-Banked?

You Can Partner with WiseWage

Let's move workers from the financial sidelines to the ranks of workers with FDIC-insured accounts.

Partner with WiseWage for More Social Impact

and Deliver Benefits to Employers and their Workers

As a Partner, You Will Receive:

A Partner-Branded Website with your choice of:

  • The name of your entity next to ours
  • 3 pictures¬†for the landing page carousel
  • Displaying your logo atop the carousel
  • Text/legend for each of the 3 carousel pictures
  • Subset of prepaid & debit cards to display
Note: pictures & text subject to approval by issuing banks

Email Templates

A Choice of Banners


Access to our SMS Service

  • Let your customers request a link sent to their cellphone
  • We respond with a link to a choice of cards

Here are some of the companies which have partnered with us

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