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Let's move workers from the financial sidelines to the ranks of workers with FDIC-insured accounts.

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A Financially Stressed Worker is an Unproductive Worker

A Partner-Branded Website with your choice of:

  • The name of your entity next to ours
  • 3 pictures for the landing page carousel
  • Displaying your logo atop the carousel
  • Text/legend for each of the 3 carousel pictures
  • Subset of debit cards to display
Note: pictures & text subject to approval by issuing banks

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  • Let your customers request a link sent to their cellphone
  • We respond with a link to a choice of cards

Here are some of the companies which have partnered with us

What our Partners Say About Us

"We are a payroll bureau dealing with a lot of restaurants and other industries with unbanked employees. WiseWage and their awesome customer service has stepped in the gap to ensure that our clients never lack direct deposit due to lack of bank accounts for employees."
Felix M., Temecula, CA
"WiseWage has been such a huge help to me! It's very easy to use, and I love the selection of cards I was given. I downloaded it and was working on a good account within a few minutes. I think my favorite part is that they have already vetted the cards. I can rest assured that there are no fees buried in the fine print that I will be surprised by down the road. I'm so grateful. Thank you WiseWage! Everyone should know about you!"
Mekisha N., Chicago, IL

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