Calling for Partners

Adam Rust

WiseWage is seeking partners who share a common motivation to improve the financial health of workers.

 We are calling on partners to join us in moving workers from the financial sidelines to the ranks of workers with FDIC-insured bank accounts.

 Collaborators could include entities from many different avenues:

·        Trade associations

·        Municipal governments

·        Community service groups and non-profits

·        Employers

·        Fintech providers

·        Staffing agencies

23 million Americans, living in 9 million households, are unbanked. Moreover, another 67.4 million Americans, living across 24.5 million US households, were underbanked. 

The 2017 PwC Employee Financial Wellness Survey found that 53 percent of workers feel stressed about their financial situation. Forty-six percent said that their economic challenges were the most significant source of stress in their lives.

 When workers have financial stress, those challenges create problems in the workplace.

·        Financially-stressed employees are more likely to say their compensation is not adequate.

·        They are less likely to recommend their employer as a great place to work.

·        Workers without bank accounts are often less productive: One in three unbanked workers report that he or she has missed work because of a financial problem.

·        Almost half of all financially-stressed workers spend 3 or more hours at work each week dealing with their finances.

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unbanked worker with a prepaid debit card

WiseWage is seeking an initial cohort of impact-motivated partners.

Participation with WiseWage improves the productivity of a business.

We provide employees with a choice of curated accounts. Cards can only appear on if they do not have overdraft fees or a minimum balance requirement.

WiseWage allows employers to offer a financial wellness program, at no cost to any party.

WiseWage can create unique messaging for trade associations for free. We can distribute materials, generate content for communications, and design websites with logos and content from a partner.

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To initiate a partnership, please contact WiseWage through our "request a consultation" form on our home page.

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