How to Sign Up for a Debit Card at WiseWage


It is easy to get a fee-free FDIC-insured bank account at WiseWage.

You can do this even if:

·         You do not already have an active bank account.

·         You think you would be declined if you tried to open a bank account

·         You had trouble with a previous account

·         You do not keep a large balance in your account

All you need is the same information you provided to your employer:

·                     Name

·                     Date of birth

·                     Home Address

·                     Government-issued ID

You can get a a debit card at WiseWage, regardless of your credit score or your banking history. Our partners will not review your credit score when you apply. Indeed, unless you have a history of committing fraud, you will be approved automatically.  

Here is what to do: 

·         Go to

·         Browse through the choice of debit card accounts. Each has been selected by the consumer advocates and the financial services experts at WiseWage. WiseWage is owned by a non-for-profit organization. We have your best interest at heart.

·         Look at the features of the card. Are they right for your specific needs?

·         Click through to the website of your choice of provider. You will be asked to provide your standard personal details in a secure form.

You will get a confirmation message that your account is open and that a payment card is on its way to you by postal mail at your home address.

The next step is very important: Once you get your card - call the card company and activate it! You have to do this in order to use the card to make purchases.

That’s it! You will now be equipped with something really important: a safe and fee-free bank account.

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