How to Get a Bank Statement with Varo Money and Empower Bank Accounts


Some consumers must have the ability to email their bank statements to their social worker. Several government programs have asset and income tests as a condition of receiving a benefit payment. Often, sending a bank statement is a regular requirement.

How to Get a Varo Bank Statement:

Open your app.

On the Accounts page inside the app, tap the text for either the Varo Bank Account or the Varo Savings Account.

Then tap Details (on the top righthand corner)

Tap Account Statements

You will be able to see all of your statements, organized first by year and then in a subfolder by month.

Tap on the statement icon associated with your desired month. The details will appear on the screen.

To send the statement by email or text message, tap the “share” symbol.

You will have a choice of how to send the statement. If you want to send by email, you can enter the destination address. The sending address will be the one you gave to Varo when you opened the account. You can send the statement to yourself or a different person.

The statement will arrive as a pdf in the attachment.

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How to Get an Empower Bank Account Statement

Open the app

Click the “banking” icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Click on the profile picture icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. If you have already submitted your photo to Empower in the profile page, you will see your image in that spot.

Scroll down to the “Feedback and Settings” portion of the new screen.

Click on Statements

Empower organizes the statements by month, with an option for both the savings and checking statements in each line. Select the account you want – either savings or checking.

You will see the statement. It will have your routing and account number, the customer service number (415.688.2943), and then a summary of your account activity. Below that, you will see a transaction-by-transaction detail. In each case, you will see a description of the action, the location where it occurred, the date and amount, a unique transaction id, and your new balance.

To send the statement, click on “Share” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

You will have options to send the statement by email, by text, via social media, or to the cloud.

Click on the icon that represents your preferred channel.

Enter the destination. If it by email, the sending address will correspond to the one associated with your account. You will be able to save the pdf by a name if you move the pdf to the cloud.

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