How Will Houston’s Unbanked Access their Pay This Week?

Adam Rust

Many workers affected by the flooding in Texas and Louisiana may have difficulty accessing their paychecks.

The flood has arrived just as many people are about to get their paychecks. Individuals paid bi-monthly should be receiving their pay on the 30th or the 31st. People paid monthly are likely to be paid on the 31st or the 1st. Most weekly paychecks arrive on Fridays.

Provided that their payroll is processed, workers who receive pay via direct deposit should have no trouble. But for those who get a physical paper check, the prospect is much more difficult.

The FDIC says that there almost one million unbanked households in Texas. It said that there are another 260,000 in Louisiana. Almost twice as many have only a checking or a savings account.

In fact, getting cash of any kind could be a problem. ATM machines will not work under water. The electronics will suffer. Debit cards won’t go in under water and cash won’t come back out. Houston’s outdoor ATM network may be down. Trucks will not be able to service the cash machines that have survived.

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Cars submerged by a flood
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